II.2 HA Config (MS Azure)

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  • Lab : II.1 Hadoop Install (MS Azure)

Eliminate the Secondary Node


NB : In an HA cluster, the Standby NameNode also performs checkpoints of the namespace state, 
and thus it is not necessary to run a Secondary NameNode, CheckpointNode, or BackupNode in an HA cluster.
Now it would be incorrect to deploy a SecondaryNameNode alongside an HA NameNode pair as Standby Namenode does three things:
1. merging fsimage and edits-log files. (Secondary-namenode's work) 2. receive online updates of the file system meta-data, apply them to its memory state and persist them on disks just like the name-node does. 3. Cluster will switch over to the new name-node (this standby-node) if the active namenode die.


1.1 Remove Secondary Node informations from hdfs-site.xml configuration file


[root@vmnnmaster01 hadoop]# vi hdfs-site.xml 
#remove the following properties between "<configuration> ... </configuration>"
<property> <name>dfs.namenode.secondary.http-address</name> <value>vmnnsecondary01.northeurope.cloudapp.azure.com:50090</value> <description>SecondaryNameNodeHostname</description> </property>


1.2 Delete Secondary Node VM from Azure



[root@NNMaster01 ~]#cd  /opt/
[root@NNMaster01 opt]#mkdir hive
[root@NNMaster01 opt]#cd ~/Desktop/Hadoop
[root@NNMaster01 opt]#ls 
[root@NNMaster01 opt]#tar zxvf apache-hive-2.1.1-bin.tar.gz
[root@NNMaster01 opt]#ls 
[root@NNMaster01 opt]#cp -a apache-hive-2.1.1-bin/. /opt/hive




Setting up environment for Hive

Add to .bash_profile

[root@NNMaster01 opt]#cd ~ 
[root@NNMaster01 ~]#vi .bash_profile
#Append the following lines at the end of the file:
### HIVE env variables
export HIVE_HOME=/opt/hive export PATH=$PATH:$HIVE_HOME/bin export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/opt/Hadoop/lib/*:. export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/opt/hive/lib/*:.
[root@NNMaster01 ~]# source .bash_profile 
[root@NNMaster01 ~]# echo $HIVE_HOME 
[root@NNMaster01 ~]# cd $HIVE_HOME/conf 
[root@NNMaster01 conf]# cp  hive-env.sh.template hive-env.sh 
[root@NNMaster01 ~]# vi  hive-env.sh 



Configuring Hive


3.1. Create Dirctory tree :
[root@NNMaster01 ~]# hdfs dfs -mkdir -p /user/hive/warehouse 
[root@NNMaster01 ~]# hdfs dfs -mkdir -p /tmp/hive 
[root@NNMaster01 ~]# hdfs dfs -chmod 777 /tmp  
[root@NNMaster01 ~]# hdfs dfs -chmod 777 /user/hive/warehouse 
[root@NNMaster01 ~]# hdfs dfs -chmod 777 /tmp/hive 

Verification via WebBrowser (Port 50070)



3.2. Initialized the Schema:
[root@NNMaster01 ~]#rm /opt/hive/lib/log4j-slf4j-impl-2.4.1.jar
[root@NNMaster01 ~]#schematool -initSchema -dbType derby



3.3. Test Hive:
[root@NNMaster01 ~]#hive 
hive>show tables; 
hive>create database mytestdb; 
hive>show databases; 
### The database creates in a default location of the Hive warehouse. In Our Home Lab, Hive database store in a /user/hive/warehouse.
hive>USE mytestdb; #The command to use the database is USE database_name>



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