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Objectif : Building a Hadoop home lab in Cloud is one of the best ways to learn Big Data. A home lab allows you to gain hands-on experience without worrying about impacting production systems at work with the ability to work anywhere.

In my opition the reasons why you might use a home lab is :

  • Hands-on Exprience
  • Certification Study and lab
  • Just do It :) 

Hadoop Home Lab components :

  • NameNode (Three NameNode - It keeps the directory tree of all files in the file system, and tracks where across the cluster the file data is kept. It does not store the data of these files itself -
  • DataNode (Five DataNode - It stores data in the HDFS HadoopFileSystem. A functional filesystem has more than one DataNodem with data replicated across them).
  • Analytics (One R Server - We will use Microsoft R Server & RStudio Server).


Preparing the environment


3.1. Azure VM Creation with Centos 7.3 :

NB : Don't forget to choose the adapted VM size to optimize the cost impact

Centos Installation

Centos Installation

Centos Installation

Centos Installation

Centos Installation

Centos Installation

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